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 2018315-17日第6International Conference on Education在巴基斯坦拉合尔教育大学(University of Education, Lahore)举行。本届主题是"Science beyond classroom"来自10多个国家的学者参加了会议。

我院2015级博士生Aftab Akram应邀出席会议并做题为"Building learning collaboration through academic social networks: a case study based on SCHOLAT"的邀请报告(invited talk)在他的报告中,Aftab Akram强调了学术社交网络在构建学习合作中的重要性,以及介绍了他在SCHOLAT(学者网)课程平台上的工作。来自巴基斯坦等不同教育机构的教师和学生对他的报告特别感兴趣,会议主席在发言中赞赏SCHOLAT促进学习合作和协同教育等工作的作用。

Aftab Akram是我院第一位外国博士生(指导教师为汤庸教授和蒋运承教授),他是巴基斯坦Lahore 教育大学计算机信息技术专业讲师,主要研究方向是教育信息服务。20159月入学,已以第一作者在国际重要学术会议发表2篇论文(包括CCF C类会议CSCWD),目前还有一篇论文在投SCI重要期刊。


A Foreign PhD Student in School of Computer Science Gave an Invited Talk at an International Conference in Pakistan

The 6th International Conference on Education was held at University of Education Lahore, Pakistan from 15-17 March, 2018. This year’s conference theme was "Science beyond classroom". Researchers from more than 10 countries attended the conference.

Aftab Akram, a 2015 Ph.D. student from School of Computer Science, South China Normal University, was invited to attend the conference and gave an invited talk titled "Building learning collaboration through academic social networks: a case study based on SCHOLAT". In his talk, Aftab Akram emphasized the importance of academic social networking in building learning collaborations and introduced his work on the SCHOLAT. Teachers and students from different educational institutions in Pakistan were particularly interested in Aftab’s talk. The chairman of the conference expressed his appreciation for the role of SCHOLAT in promoting learning cooperation and collaborative education.

Aftab Akram is the first foreign doctoral student in our school (supervised by Prof. Tang Yong and Prof. Jiang Yuncheng). He is a lecturer in the Computer Information Technology division at University of Education, Lahore, Pakistan. His main research area is education information services. Since September 2015, he has published two papers (including the CCF Class C Conference CSCWD) as the first author at major international academic conferences. At present, he has one paper under review by an SCI journal.

In recent years, our school has continuously strengthened and deepened the cultivation of international students, effectively promoting the internationalization of talent training in our school. Now in our school there are five foreign PhD students and one post-doctoral student from abroad.